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                  · film-faced plywood
                  · birch plywood
                  · poplar plywood
                  · okoume plywood
                  · ebiara plywood
                  · bintangor plywood

                     xuzhou futai wood co. ltd was founded in 2001,and it is a new enterprise of plywood manufacture with the right of


              export in pizhoucity. at present our company occupies total area of over 100,000 square meters, with total assets of over

              rmb10,000,000.there are over 500 employees.

                     our company is situated in mingzhu industry gardon,pizhou city,jiangsu of china.it is near to the railway which is

              from aria to europe. xuzhouguanyinairport,lianyungang port and qingdao port are neighbour to us. traffic is very conv-

              enientwe have got the certificates of europe ce,iso9001 and iso14001.we strictly execute hpva criteria to produce film

              faced plywood, birch,poplar, okoume,ebiara and bintangor plywood.

                   our workshop equipped with advanced production facilities and 4 advanced production lines(calibration sanding mac-


              hine,roller drier,veneer rotary cutting machine, plywood producing machine) and complete inspection laboratory. it is up

              to an annual output capacity of 30,000 cbm. products are mainly exported to u.s.a, japan,korea ,the middle-east areas

              and europe.

                   all staff of our company are continuing working hard. we will sincercely provide high quality products and services to
              create the fashion of the furniture. president and general manager, mr zhang, warmly welcomes friends at home and
                copyright2007(c): xuzhou futai timber co. ltd.   
              tel:0516-86585555  86580555     fax:0516-86589566
                address: mingzhu industry gardon, zhaoduntown, pizhou city, jiangsu of china